Igniting a 

New Era in


You can burn your $ADA if you want! 





$ADA max supply

Why Burn $ADA ?​

$EMBER: Igniting the Future of Cardano!

🔥 We’re revolutionizing the Cardano ecosystem, combining a 100% community token launch with a groundbreaking coin burn. Send your Cardano $ADA to our secure dead address, where it will be permanently retired from circulation, and in return, receive the coveted $EMBER tokens.

The theory

⚡ How it Works

1. Send $ADA, Ignite Change: Your Cardano $ADA fuels the revolution. It’s sent to a dead address, a vault of untouchable Cardano $ADA and receive $EMBER in return.

2. Receive $EMBER, Embrace the Future: Witness the birth of a new era. $EMBER tokens are minted and sent to your wallet, marking your participation in this monumental shift.

People can no longer say, “you cannot burn cardano.” You can and Cardano has been burned!


By taking $ADA out of circulation, you contribute to its increasing scarcity. 

Transpaerent and Secure

Everything is conducted on the Cardano blockchain, which ensures a seamless and secure process, giving you peace of mind.

Tradeable Asset

$EMBER can be traded on any DEX or CEX, if listed. You are in full control of your $EMBER.